1974 Born in Kanagawa,Japan 
 2000-2001 Tokyo College of Photography
 2001 Assistant to CARATS(Katsuji Tkasaki etc..)
 2002 Start working as a freelance
International Photography Awards 2007 1st place  in Advertising (self promotion) for "WAVE”
PX3 PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS "WATER" Competition 2008 Honorable Mentions for "WAVE"&"BREATH"
International Photography Awards 2009 1st place  in People (other) for "BREATH”
International Photography Awards 2009 2nd place  in Special (moving images) for "BREATH”
Xto image award 2010 1st place in Body in Nature for “BREATH”
PX3 PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS 2010 2nd place in Fine art (nudes) for "BREATH"
International Photography Awards 2012 2nd place  in People (other) for "MOON”
Moscow International Foto Awards 2014 Bronze in a Book - Fine Art for “BREATH”
Exhibition & Art Fair
Mar-Apr.2007         ”水宇 SUIU“ at CAMARADA(Tokyo)
Oct.2007-2008       IPA ”Best of show”(Global 8 Places)
May.2008               IPA ”Best of show Portrait Edition” at Farmani Gallery (NY)
July.2008               “BREATH” at epSITE (Tokyo)
Dec.2008               “BREATH” at Nagaoka Institute of Design Gallery (Niigata)
Feb.2009                “y-generation -six rising photographers Exhibition” at SEIBU Shibuya (Tokyo)
Dec.2009                contemporary art fair “Shibuya Style Vol.3” at SEIBU Shibuya (Tokyo)
Dec.2009               “PHOTO TAIPEI” at Tha Westin Taipei (Taipei/GALLERY KOGURE)
Mar.2010               “BREATH” at LOWER AKIHABARA.(Tokyo)
July.2010               “BREATH” at Micheko Galerie (Munich)
Nov.2010               “ULTRA003 Art Fair” at Spiral Garden (Tokyo/GALLERY KOGURE)
Nov.2010               “Five people, for whatever reason, we are...” at Kanagawa Support Center (Yokohama)
Feb.2011               “AHAF HK” at Mandarin Oriental (Hong Kong/GALLERY KOGURE)
Nov.2011               “nofound PHOTOFAIR”  (Paris/Micheko Galerie) 
Jan.2012                “CYCLE” at Gallery.Hutch(Tokyo)
Jun.2012                “BREATH”&”MOON” at Micheko Galerie (Munich)
Oct.2012                “ULTRA005 Art Fair” at Spiral Garden (Tokyo/GALLERY KOGURE)
July.2013               “BREATH” at Alternative Space in SEIBU Shibuya (Tokyo)
Oct.2013                “ART.FAIR” at Staatenhaus am Rheinpark(Cologne/ Micheko Galerie)
Oct.2013                “MOON” at GALLERY KOGURE(Tokyo)
Nov.2013               “Mujo-Kan” at Galerie Da-End(Paris)
Nov.2013               “BREATH” at Tokyo Arts Gallery(Tokyo)
Nov.2014               “fotofever” at Carrouel du LOUVRE (Paris / Micheko Galerie)
Mar.2015               "BREATH" Soiz Galerie (Passau)
May.2015               “CYCLE”   at Micheko Galerie (Munich)
July.2015               “BREATH - MOON ”Vanilla Gallery(Tokyo)
May.2016               "BREATH" at Toyama Glass Art Museum (Toyoma)
Aug.2016               "OCEAN" at Hotel & Residence Roppongi (Tokyo)
Aug.2016               "WAVE" at LOWER AKIHABARA. (Tokyo)
Oct.2016               "WAVE" at Gallery Kogure (NY)
Jun.2017                "Waves and Emotions" at Micheko Galerie (Munich)
Artist’s statement
 “Control” is concept that lies at the heart of my work.
All of us have the desire, consciously or not, to control the environment surrounding us or the conditions affecting us.
We dominate and ignore the laws of nature.  Thanks to risk analysis and cutting-edge technologies, we believe we can control everything.  Where are human beings headed? 
I came to scuba diving by chance. Since then, I have become infatuated by the charm of the world created by water, the beauty of light and the wide variety of aquatic beings.
Water is a substance which is essential to human beings and yet, it never yields to our will.
As a photographer, the foundation of my work lies in expressing the concept of “control” through the relationship between humans and water.
Before becoming a photographer, I worked as a chef in an Italian restaurant.
Every day, I chopped and cooked a lot of dead animals and plants. I then watched people eat them.
One life is founded on the sacrifice of many other lives.
This led me to think that anything, whether a great product, art or even religion, is, after all, just a human creation.
Regardless of how pure it is intended to be, inevitably, it gets contaminated.
This is because impurity is a part of humanity.
And yet, ironically, this is also what makes everything interesting. My works are the results of calculated hazard.
During the creation process, it is essential to rely on calculated control.  At the same time, but in opposition, uncontrollable chance is equally important.
I believe that only when these two factors are present I can create a work of art truly touch people’s heart.
 There is a notion that the universe consists of two opposite forces, Yin and Yang.  I think control as well as has two facets, which coexist and rule together.
Humans have tried to dominate nature.
At the same time, humans have the wisdom to live in harmony with nature.
Being endowed with this dual approach, how can we improve how we live with nature?  How can we strike a better balance? 
I hope my work will make you reflect on this question.

私は「コントロール」をテーマに作品を制作している。 私たちは、意識的であれ無意識的であれ、自然、生命、他者… 自分を取り囲む環境や状況をコントロールしたいという欲望を持っている。 様々なリスクを分析し、最先端の装備を揃えれば、全てを従えることができると信じ、 自然の法則を無視した支配を始めた人間が辿りつく先はどこだろう。 たまたま誘われて始めたスキューバダイビングで、 水と光と多種多様な生命体が織りなす美しい世界に、私は夢中になった。 人間にとって欠かすことのできない存在でありながら、決して屈服することも、迎合することもない「水」。 この水と人間との関係を通して「コントロール」を表現したいという想いが、私のフォトグラファーとしての原点である。
写真を始める前、私は、イタリアンレストランでシェフとして働いていた。 毎日、大量の動物や植物の死を切り刻み、煮たり焼いたりし、それをこともなげに食べる人々を見てきた。 ひとつの生は沢山の死によってできている。 どんなに素晴らしい製品や芸術、宗教も、所詮は人間が作った「モノ」だと考えるようになった。 どんなに清浄なものを作ったとしても、必ずどこかに汚濁がある。 それが人間の一部であるからだ。 でも、だからこそ、面白い。 私の作品は、計算された偶然から生まれる。 そこには、計算という一種のコントロールと、その反対に、コントロール不可能な偶然性が不可欠なのだ。
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