1974  Born in Kanagawa, Japan
2000-2001  Tokyo College of Photography
2001  Assistant to Katsuji Takasaki
2002 Start working as a Freelance

Solo Exhibition
July 2019 "水蛇龍" TokyoArtsGallery(Tokyo)
Jan.2019  “MOON” Vanilla Gallery(Tokyo)
Dec.2018 “BREATH” Dance house golden 4422(Nagoya)
May.2018 “BREATH” Micheko Galerie (Munich)
Oct.2016 "WAVE"  Gallery Kogure (NY)
Aug.2016 "WAVE"  LOWER AKIHABARA. (Tokyo)
Aug.2016 "OCEAN"  Hotel & Residence Roppongi (Tokyo)
May.2016 "BREATH"  Toyama Glass Art Museum (Toyoma)
July.2015 “BREATH - MOON ”Vanilla Gallery(Tokyo)
May.2015 “CYCLE”  Micheko Galerie (Munich)
Mar.2015 "BREATH" Soiz Galerie (Passau)
Nov.2013 “BREATH” Tokyo Arts Gallery(Tokyo)
July.2013 “BREATH”  Alternative Space in SEIBU Shibuya (Tokyo)
Jun.2012 “BREATH”&”MOON”  Micheko Galerie (Munich)
Jan.2012 “CYCLE” Gallery.Hutch(Tokyo)
July.2010 “BREATH” Micheko Galerie (Munich)

Group Exhibition
Sep.2022 "icon contemporary Photography" AXIS Gallery(Tokyo)
Dec.2021 "icon contemporary Photography" Tanakayaesu Gallery(Tokyo)
July.2020 "Paradise Lost" Vanilla Gallery(Tokyo)
Mar.2019 ”Japanese Nudes” Japanmuseum SieboldHuis (Leiden)
Aug.2018 “Jin-Zo Emon Gallery (Tokyo)
May.2018 “FINE LINE” sansiao Gallery HK(HongKong)
Jun.2017 "Waves and Emotions"  Micheko Galerie (Munich)
July.2017 “GOTH II - Conception” Vanilla Gallery(Tokyo)
Nov.2013 "Mujo-kan" Galerie Da-End (Paris) 

Moscow International Foto Awards 2014 Bronze in a Book - Fine Art for “BREATH”
International Photography Awards 2012 2nd place  in People (other) for "MOON”
PX3 PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS 2010 2nd place in Fine art (nudes) for "BREATH"
Xto image award 2010 1st place in Body in Nature for “BREATH”
International Photography Awards 2009 2nd place  in Special (moving images) for "BREATH”
International Photography Awards 2009 1st place  in People (other) for "BREATH”
PX3 PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS "WATER" Competition 2008 Honorable Mentions for "WAVE"&"BREATH"
International Photography Awards 2007 1st place   for "WAVE”

Artist’s statement

Through the hobby of scuba diving, he has come to know the philosophical aspect of water.
 As he is fascinated by the contradiction between water as a life-giving and life-destroying substance, 
much of his works use water as a symbol.
Death comes to everyone no matter what, who, or when. No one can avoid the death coming.
Even though medical technique has been improved fascinatedly, religious leaders predict the after life, 
and many people talk about the death these days, we, human beings, 
cannot reach the real meaning of the death while we are alive
People fear the death and try hard not to die.
Human beings need to cut and chop these death of somethings to live. Religionists, politicians, or people preaching beautiful lives and future, all of them cannot live without taking something's life and the death.
People want to talk about only beautiful futures but at the same time, they need to take away the lives to live. 
This contradiction  is the reality and the truth of knowing the human itself.

There are no answers, and even if we were aware of them, we would not be able to do anything about them.

It is even more futile to impose one's doubts on someone else. Whether it is cooking meat and making it taste good, or leaning on the feeling that plant life is easier to pluck than animal life, each is a way of understanding oneself in life, and it cannot and should not be decided which is right.

Water, which he uses as the subject of his work, is even more indispensable in human life, but at the same time it can easily take away human life.
By filming underwater together with the subject, the gap between the life and death of another person and your own life and death overlap, giving you a fleeting glimpse of death, which is something we cannot know.

The photographs, taken in the extraordinary environment of underwater and in pursuit of its even more life-supporting limits, range from those that capture a distressed expression to those that seem to smile in peace. 
As well as having to take great care to save lives, the possibilities have to be calculated for all including even the air bubbles that inevitably occur during filming, the limited human mobility, the reflected light and the movement of the waves. Even when shooting after detailed simulation, the result is often affected by uncertain objects. However, even the 'coincidences' that occur there are included in the calculation and become part of the composition of the work, which can express the strength of man's attempt to reach the unknown and the transient beauty of existence.
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