My work was used on the cover of the Monaco d'art & de culture magazine.

Paradise Lost ~楽園の喪失~


Vanilla Gallery
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Japón y el agua: Estudios de patrimonio y humanidades 
(Colección Federico Torralba de Estudios de Asia Oriental)
 (Spanish Edition) 

Japan and Water: Heritage Studies and Humanities
It is published in
Prensas de la Universided 
Universidad Zaragoza

Japan and Water: Heritage and Humanities Studies is a collection of recent interdisciplinary research on the role of water in Japanese culture, arts and literature. The first part of the book, dedicated to the literary field and translation, presents studies that focus on prominent Japanese writers such as Ichiyō Higuchi, Fumiko Enchi and Yōko Tawada, complemented by commentaries on some works by Western writers inspired by Japan, such as Enrique Gómez Carrillo and Julia Kristeva, also by the musician Hans Werner Henze. In the field of art, topics as varied as engraving, ceramics, photography, painting and animated film are dealt with, with artists who have stood out for their powerful symbolic and visual treatment of water, such as Katsushika Hokusai, Ikeya Tomohide, Fujiko Nakaya, Shinichi Maruyama, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Tomoko Sauvage, Chiharu Shiota and Hayao Miyazaki.



7/26 (Fri.) - 8/4 (Sun.)
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Last Day - 18:00 / Closed on 7/29 (月)

Reception Party:7/26 (Fri.) 18:00 - 20:00

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We are pleased to announce the photo exhibition "Water Dragon Snake" by the photographer  Tomohide Ikeya at the tokyoarts gallery.
Human beings were born and protected in the water (amniotic fluid). About 60% of our bodies are made of water. Water is essential since it was born, and what was the most important thing leads to the faith of the water god. On the other hand, since the time of Jomon, snakes were considered to be the gods of water, or gods themselves. Therefore, it may seem as though it was a chance to have started shooting in the water, but it is also a manifestation of a desire to return in the womb, and his own approach to God may be .

この度、tokyoarts galleryにて、写真家 池谷友秀のPhoto exhibition「水龍蛇」を開催致します。
EXHIBITION Japanese Nudes March 15 till September 8, 2019


Japanese Nudes

March 15 till September 8, 2019

From 15 March to 8 September Japanese Museum SieboldHuis will present the exhibition ‘Japanese Nude’. This exhibition illustrates the development in Japanese nude photography from the 19thcentury to the present. The works of over 30 top photographers, including Araki Nobuyoshi, Moriyama Daido, Hosoe Eikoh, Izu Kenro and Honjo Koro reveal their artistic vision of nudity. Foreign influence and changing perceptions in Japanese society on gender, nudity and sexuality are on display in over 120 photographs.

Japanmuseum SieboldHuis

Visitors address
Rapenburg 19
2311 GE Leiden


Postbus 11007
2301 EA Leiden
Phone: 071-5125539
Fax: 071-5128063

Exhibition "MOON"
 2019 Jan 22(Thu)〜 Feb3(Sun)

Japanese photographer Tomohide Ikeya captures the world in which humans blend with the territory of impenetrable underwater. His magnificent dreamy works, which extend the freedom of expression, are highly acclaimed both domestically and internationally.
The main theme of this exhibition “MOON” is based on an artwork he has been working on since 2009. The exhibition features works, including new ones, that mysteriously express lives floating with an ever-changing flow of time.
Pieces from “WAVE” and “BREATH” series, etc. are also displayed to provide an overview of the scenes of beauty that Tomohide Ikeya eagerly pursued for over 10 years.

Vanilla Gallery
Tosei Bldg.B2F,8-10-7,Ginza,Chuuoh-ku,Tokyo
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◆池谷友秀 展覧会記念特別アーティストトーク◆
チケットは必ず事前にlive pocketにてご購入ください。

One Art Taipei

19/Jan/2019 〜 1/21
preview: 1/18 13:00-15:00

池谷友秀写真展 『BREATH』

12月9日〜12月23日(木、金、土、日の13:00~19:00 OPEN)

ダンスハウス黄金4422 3階

国際的に活躍するフォトグラファー・池谷友秀の『BREATH』シリーズが、名古屋に初上陸! 数多くの国内外で活躍するダンサーをモデルとして起用している同シリーズ。
シリーズ「BREATH」は、様々な境遇にある人達を、無音で自由のきかない水中で撮影することで、強さや弱さな どの生命力を引き出し、人間の根源に迫るシリーズです。 なぜ水中で撮影をするのかというと、水中では邪念や無駄な動きがはぶかれ、肉体と精神の根源的な躍動を最 大限に引き出せるから。水中での撮影ですから、被写体は撮影の間、当然、呼吸をしていません。私たちの生 存の術であり、生存の証でもある呼吸。その呼吸にフォーカスをあて、池谷が撮り続けてきた写真シリーズが 『BREATH』です。 私は、究極の肉体表現であるダンスにはこれまでも大変深い共感を持っていました。今回は、モデルがダンサー (舞踏やコンテンポラリー)のものだけをピックアップし、日本でもまだ新しい、ダンサーによる、ダンサーのための プラットフォーム、Dance House 黄金 4422 にて、写真展を行います。 ある意味極限状態において、ただひたすらそこに存在するダンサーの“カラダ”を目の当たりにしたとき、人間が 「生きる」 という根源的な命題に行き着くのかもしれません。。。
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